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Download The Young Messiah

Download The Young Messiah 2016 Movie

Story about the figure of the religious leader since its inception. At seven years, Jesus lives with his family in Alexandria, Egypt. But quickly they have to flee to avoid the slaughter of children initiated by Herod, king of Israel. Jesus knows that his parents, Joseph and Mary, keep secrets about his birth. Treated differently […]

Download krisha 2016 movie

Download Krisha 2016 Movie

When Krisha comes in the house of her sister in Texas the morning of Thanksgiving, her entire family receives it with a mixture of warmth and wariness. Almost immediately, a palpable anxiety permeates the air, which encourages Krisha to get to work to cook the turkey and thus try to catch up with them, especially […]

Me Before You (2016)

Download Me Before You 2016 Movie

The film is based on a bestseller popular (preserving the tradition in this kind of sentimental fiction) authored by Jojo Moyes, where Will¬†¬†represents the figure of the poor little rich boy, young promise of wealthy ascendiencia, who for a fortuitous accident it is paralyzed. A scene comes Louisa, humble girl who will accept the role […]

A Hologram for the King

Download A Hologram for the King 2016 Movie

Alan ( Tom Hanks ) is a businessman rundown, besides being divorced, has no money to pay college tuition for his daughter and, last but not least, has grown a suspicious lump on the back. Apparently, all is lost and that is why agrees to go to Saudi king to offer technology to make holographic […]

The Lion King

Download The Lion King Movie

“The Lion King” was the first Disney movie with a completely original story , even though full of references to Shakespeare and Hamlet himself. A story which were involved in up to 26 writers of the house (of which almost half worked on the story of Beauty and the Beast, including Chis Sanders -Lilo & […]