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Bad Neighbours (2016)

Download Bad Neighbours 2 2016 Movie

Mac and Kelly Radner are determined to be genuine adults and intend to move to the suburbs. In addition to little Stella, the parents happy couple is expecting her second child. So if all goes well, in a few days they will close the sale of your home. But, unexpectedly, the life in his quiet […]

A Hologram for the King

Download A Hologram for the King 2016 Movie

Alan ( Tom Hanks ) is a businessman rundown, besides being divorced, has no money to pay college tuition for his daughter and, last but not least, has grown a suspicious lump on the back. Apparently, all is lost and that is why agrees to go to Saudi king to offer technology to make holographic […]

Download Finding Dory 2016 Movie

Download Finding Dory 2016 Movie

Pixar gets older and one notices to realize that thirty years who founded one of the studies makes the animation more important in the world. Since then a variety of short and feature films have shaped icons generations of children whose children ‘s stories, heroes and role models born from this dream factory. After thirteen […]

Download Central Intelligence 2016 Movie

Download Central Intelligence 2016 Movie

The film suggests ways as a buddy comedy where, as always, it seeks to exploit the unlikely alliance between two guys who have a common past. The character of Hart is a gray accountant whose life is not even a shadow of what he promised in his early year’s most popular guy in high school, […]


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Rick Riker is a young , very clumsy, but with a big heart. One day he visits a center with his companions where genetically experiments are performed with animals like dragonflies. The unfortunate Riker is fortunate that pique one of these little critters. The bite changes┬áhis life because from then he discovers that he has […]